For Students in Grades 4-6

 Cyber Bullies Are No Fun  

Length: 2:19 minutes

When Alex runs into a bully on the playground, he knows what to do. But how can Alex handle the bully when he starts posting mean messages and texting threats? This video gives kids strategies for handling cyber bullies, including saving copies of inappropriate messages and telling a trusted adult.

Online “Friends” 

Length: 2:12 minutes

Connecting with friends online can be a lot of fun—but when you don’t know someone in the real world, you can’t be sure who they are. This video gives kids a simple, sensible rule for deciding how to choose online friends: stick with the friends you know in the real world to stay safe and keep things fun.

Posting Pictures Online 

Length: 2:24 minutes

Hoping to impress his friends, Alex is thinking of posting a picture of himself online. This video helps kids understand why they should be careful when taking, sharing and receiving digital pictures.

Talk to an Adult You Trust

Length: 2:16 minutes

Kids need to know what to do if something on the Internet makes them feel uncomfortable. This video encourages kids to talk to a trusted adult if they come across material that isn’t for kids or if they are being bullied.