For Students in Grades 7-12

Beware What You Share

Length: 25 seconds

What if you had to wear everything you posted online on a t-shirt? AWKWARD! If you wouldn’t wear it, don’t share it.  This video is an initiative of Ad Council’s Internet Safety Coalition.

Digital Privacy

Length: 2:03 minutes

Take pride in your digital privacy and let others know they should respect your space!  It’s hard sometimes so hopefully this video will remind you that you DO have control. Talk it out!

Heads Up: Stop. Think. Click. 

Length: 1 minute

Before kids post online, download a game or program, or buy something, they should take a second to stop and think before they click.

The Protection Connection

Length: 1:02 minutes

Teaches kids how to protect themselves online with privacy settings and good online practices.

Share With Care

Length: 1:01 minutes

The things kids post online could have an impact on people in the real world.

Stand Up to Cyberbullying 

Length: 1:20 minutes

Kids can stop cyberbullies by standing up for themselves or someone else.

Textual Harassment

Length: 1:01 minutes

Cellphones and the Internet have become prime environment for controlling behavior, such as sending unwanted text messages or pressuring for nude pictures, that can be abusive or lead to relationship violence.  In an effort to prevent teen dating abuse and help teens build healthy relationships, the Ad Council has partnered with the Family Violence Prevention Fund and the Office on Violence Against Women on a national, multimedia PSA campaign.