For Students in Grades K-3

Bad Netiquettes Stink

Length: 6:45 minutes

Clicky and his friends race to stop Potty-Mouth Pete from spreading bad netiquette.

Be Safer Online 

Length: 2:12 minutes

Listen up and get on the safe side! B-b-be safer online!

Beat the Tricks 

Length: 5:26 minutes

People looking to harm kids can be tricky – learn how to beat the tricks!

The Boy Who Loved IM 

Length: 1:59 minutes

A Lesson in Instant Messaging. Learn what to do if someone you don’t know contacts you online.

Don’t Open That File 

Length: 3:47 minutes

A Lesson in Computer Viruses. Protect your computer from viruses.

Faux Paw’s Adventure in the Internet

Length: 4:51 minutes

This video teaches kids the basics of Internet safety – how to keep personal information safe, to keep away from Internet strangers, and to go to an adult for help when they see anything online that makes them uncomfortable.

Kids PSA Be Safer Online 

Length: 0:40 seconds

Learn more about being safer online.

Know the Rules 

Length: 1:53 minutes

Learn the 4 rules for real-world safety.

UYN: The NetSmartz Chat Abbreviation

Length: 2:27 minutes

A Lesson in Personal Safety. Learn what it means to UYN!

UYN: The Password Rap  

Length: 2:03 minutes

Learn to make a strong password.