More than 1 in 2 Hawaii youth (56%) had been victims of cyberbullying. 1

In Hawaii, cyberbullying victimization increases the likelihood of:

  • binge drinking by 2.5 times
  • marijuana use by 2.5 times
  • depression by 2 times
  • suicide attempts (male) by 4.5 times
  • suicide attempts (female) by 3.2 times 1

Only 1 in 3 cyberbullied teens told their parents about their experience. 1

About 1 in 5 Hawaii students (18.4%) in grades 5-12 have received explicit   images in an online social network. 2

49.2% of 5th -12th grade students in Hawaii could name online social networking sites where solicitation and distribution of explicit images and video happen. 2

29.1% of 5th -12th grade students in Hawaii know other people and friends who have solicited and distributed explicit images using online social networks. 2



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2.   “Multimedia Juvenile Victimization: Insights into Youth Behavior to Help Law Enforcement,” 2010.