Crime in Hawaii 2000 (Semi-Annual)

Crime in Hawaii up 10% in First Half of 2000

January 31, 2001 – The Department of the Attorney General’s latest six-month Uniform Crime Report shows that the number of serious crimes recorded in Hawaii between January and June of 2000 increased 10% from the number reported during the same period in 1999. Reports of violent crimes (including murder, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) increased 3%. Increasing were reports of murder (45%) and aggravated assault (10%), while forcible rape decreased (7%) and robbery was slightly reduced (2%). Serious property crimes increased 10%, with motor vehicle theft up 42%, burglary, 11%, and larceny-theft, 7%. Attorney General Earl Anzai stated that, “While any increase in crime is disappointing news, this is the first increase to be reported after four straight years of major decreases. Compared to how much crime decreased in the earlier period, the increase isn’t necessarily surprising – it became a question of how much lower one could reasonably expect the crime rate to drop.”

In the City & County of Honolulu, reported violent crimes decreased slightly (less than one-half of one percent) to reach the lowest semi-annual total since 1991, while property crimes increased 11%. Violent crimes in Hawaii County were up 5% and property crimes were up less than 1%. Maui County posted a 7% decrease in violent crimes and a 12% increase in property crimes. Violent crimes in Kauai County more than tripled due primarily to an almost ninefold increase in aggravated assaults. Property crimes in Kauai County increased 14%.

Statewide adult arrests increased 4% in the first half of 2000, while juvenile arrests fell 9%. Arrests for violent crimes were up 13% among adults and down 3% among juveniles.

Chief of Research & Statistics Paul Perrone remarked that, “The increase in the first half of 2000 must be considered in the context of all the record lows set in 1999. The statistics for 2000 are on pace to end up below the 1998 levels, and to set the third or fourth lowest annual crime rate since statewide reporting began in 1975.”