Crime in Hawaii 2001 (Annual)

Crime in Hawaii up 3.6% in 2001, property crime rate second highest in U.S., juvenile crime cut in half over last 10 years to reach record low level

September 17, 2002 – The Attorney General’s annual Uniform Crime Report, Crime in Hawaii, shows that after reaching its lowest and second-lowest level on record in 1999 and 2000, respectively, Hawaii’s Index Crime rate rose 3.6% in 2001, marking the second consecutive year of increases. A total of 65,947 Index Crimes were reported in Hawaii in 2001, yielding a rate of 5,386 offenses per 100,000 resident population. Although Kauai was the only County to report a decreasing Index Crime rate, the State’s overall rate in 2001 was at its fourth lowest point since data collection began in 1975.

Other highlights of Crime in Hawaii, 2001 include the following:

Hawaii’s violent Index Crime rate increased 4.5% in 2001, with 3,117 such offenses reported during the year. Murder, the most serious offense, was the only category to show a rate decrease (down 10.3%). The other violent Index Crime rates increased: Forcible Rape (16.8%), Aggravated Assault (4.7%), and Robbery (0.7%). In 2000, the latest year for which complete U.S. data are available, Hawaii’s violent Index Crime rate was ranked 43rd highest in the nation.

The property Index Crime rate increased 3.6% in 2001, with 62,830 total reported offenses. Each of the property Index Crime categories showed increases from 2000 to 2001: Motor Vehicle Theft (9.1%), Burglary (3.6%), Larceny-Theft (2.8%). In 2000, Hawaii had the highest Larceny-Theft rate and second highest property Index Crime rate in the nation.

The number of statewide Index Crime arrests fell 3.5% in 2001. Arrests for violent crimes decreased 4.6% and fell 3.2% for property crimes. The total clearance rate for reported Index Crimes dropped from 14.3% in 2000 to 12.4% in 2001.

Adult arrests comprised 70.3% of all Index Crime arrests in 2001; juvenile arrests accounted for 29.7%.

Juvenile Index Crime arrests annually hovered in the 4,000 to 7,000 range during the 1975-1997 period. In 2001, a total of 2,598 juvenile Index Crime arrests were reported, eclipsing the previous record low of 2,769 arrests reported in 2000, and setting the fourth consecutive record annual low. The 2001 total marks a 48.6% decrease in juvenile Index Crime arrests over the previous 10-year period.

The City & County of Honolulu’s Index Crime rate increased 3.2% in 2001, with the violent crime rate climbing 5.7% and the property crime rate up 3.1%.

Hawaii County’s Index Crime rate increased 6.3% in 2001. The violent crime rate increased 14.5% and the property crime rate rose 6.0%.

The Index Crime rate in Maui County increased 8.6%, with the violent crime rate rising 4.7% and the property crime rate up 8.7%.

Kauai was the only County to post a decrease in its Index Crime rate in 2001, down 10.2%. Kauai County’s violent crime rate decreased 34.2% and the property crime rate fell 8.7% in 2001.

Thirty-two murders were reported in Hawaii in 2001, down from 35 reported in 2000. Females comprised 34.4% of the murder victims and 15.8% of the alleged offenders in 2001. The breakdown for the relationship between victims and offenders includes: acquaintance, 34.4%; spouse, 21.9%; stranger, 15.6%; girlfriend/boyfriend, 15.6%; unknown relationship, 9.4%; and immediate family, 3.1%.

Of the 2,717 murders, robberies, and aggravated assaults reported statewide during 2001, 61.5% were committed using hands, fists, feet, etc., 17.7% with other/unknown weapons, 11.2% with firearms, and 9.7% with edged weapons.

Over $61.5 million in property was reported stolen in Hawaii during 2001. Of that total, approximately $9.4 million, or 15.4%, was recovered.

On October 31, 2001, a total of 2,758 police officers and 772 civilians were employed by the four county police departments, denoting a 1.1% decrease in officers and a 3.4% increase in civilians from the figures reported on October 31, 2000.

In 2001, 252 assaults on Hawaii’s police officers were recorded (a rate of 9.1 attacks per 100 police officers), marking a 4.6% decrease from 2000 and setting a new record low since this record keeping began in 1985. Crime in Hawaii 2001 also provides data on the time of day, type of assignment, and the weapons used in attacks against police officers.