Appearing By Telephone

Parties may request to appear by telephone if circumstances prevent their appearance in person.  Appearing by telephone may be an option for parties who have restraining or protective orders against each other so they can prevent direct contact.  More information about domestic violence issues is available from the Domestic Violence Action Center.

To appear by telephone parties must send their written request to the OCSH by regular mail or by fax (808-692-7114) as far in advance of the hearing as possible.  Include on your request your name, address, all case numbers, the date and time of your hearing, the telephone number where you may be reached at the time of the hearing, and your signature.  You may also use either a PDF form OCSH Request to Appear by Telephone or a Word form: OCSH Request to Appear by Telephone form (docx). If there is enough time before the hearing the Hearing Officer for your hearing will draft an Order granting your request to appear by telephone and mail it to the parties.  The phone number you provide in your request will not be included in the Order Granting the Request to Appear by Telephone.

The CSEA representative or OCSH hearing officer will call you at the number you provide around the time of the hearing (expect possible delays of up to an hour).

Call Blocking Must Be Removed

State telephone numbers are not identifiable by caller ID, so you must remove any call blocking features from the telephone you will be using for the hearing.  Call blocking prevents your phone from receiving calls from numbers that do not allow themselves to be identified by Caller ID.  If you have Anonymous Call Block on your phone you must disable it in order to participate in a child support hearing by phone.  Contact your telephone company if you are unsure whether you have this feature on your phone and for instructions on how to temporarily disable it for the hearing.