Requesting a Continuance

Requests to reschedule a hearing are not automatically granted.  Send your written request to reschedule the hearing to the OCSH by regular mail or by fax (808-692-7114) as far in advance of the hearing as possible.  State all the reasons for your request and provide alternative dates and times when you will be available for the hearing.  Consider requesting to appear by telephone if the reason you are requesting a continuance is because you will be unable to physically be present at the hearing site, but you could participate by telephone from another location.

Include on your request your name, address, all case numbers, the date and time of your hearing, a telephone number at which you may be reached, and your signature.

The other parent and the CSEA may be contacted to see if they have any objections to your request.  The Hearings Officer assigned to your case will decide whether or not to grant your request.

If time permits, a written order granting or denying your request may be sent to the parties.  If you do not receive an Order granting your request, assume it was denied. You may use the PDF form Request to Reschedule Hearing form (pdf) or the Word form Request to Reschedule Hearing form (docx) in the Forms folder for your request.