Requesting a Hearing

Parties to an administrative child support proceeding may request a hearing if they object to a proposed action by the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA).  A hearing request form is included in the documents sent to the parties by the CSEA.  Parties can only request a hearing to contest a proposed order or proposed enforcement by the CSEA and not just because they disagree with communications or statements by the CSEA.

The OCSH conducts hearings for contested cases that come from the CSEA. The CSEA processes two general types of cases: enforcement and administrative process.

Enforcement cases involved CSEA actions against payors such as tack-on income withholding orders, credit bureau reporting, and tax refund offsets to enforce child support orders. The disputants are the CSEA and the payors, so only the payors are notified for these hearings, not the payees.  Substantive changes to the underlying child support orders are not ordered in these hearings.

Administrative process cases involve substantive child support orders.: establishments, modifications, arrearages, and terminations. both parents are served with the notice of hearing.

Parties should read thoroughly all documents they receive from the CSEA and the OCSH. These documents will explain the action the CSEA is proposing and how to contest it.

If either party objects to a proposed action from CSEA, he or she can complete the Request for Hearing form included with the notice of the proposed action and send it to the CSEA within the designated time.  If both parents have been served with the proposed action, the CSEA computer system (KEIKI) schedules the hearing five to six weeks from the date a CSEA worker enters the Request for Hearing into the computer.  KEIKI then generates a Notice of Hearing that is sent to the parties.

Sometimes there is a delay between the time a hearing is requested and when it is scheduled.  This is usually due to a lack of service of the proposed action on one of the parents.  For administrative process cases both parents must be served with the proposed action before a hearing can be scheduled.

If you requested a hearing and have not yet received a Notice of Hearing and want to ask about the status of your hearing request, you must contact the CSEA, not OCSH.  The OCSH has no information about your case until a Notice of Hearing has been generated by the CSEA.