Suspension of Laws

Executive Order 20-02 contains suspension of laws relating to the topics listed below. Further requests to suspend laws or rules should be forwarded from state agencies to the appropriate Supervising Deputy Attorney General. The relevant divisions of the Department of the Attorney General will review the agencies requests and provide advice and counsel before submitting suspension requests to the Governor and General Hara for review and approval.

1. Labor – to enable the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to best address unemployment challenges.

2. Gun registration – enables the chiefs of police to suspend deadlines for gun registration. This has become necessary because the police departments are being inundated with registration applications as people flock to purchase guns.

3. Charter Schools – suspends certain open meeting requirements for the governing boards of charter schools.

4. Physicians and nurses – allows out-of-state physicians and nurses to dispense medications without having to comply with registration requirements.

5. Controlled Substances – enables more flexibility to the Department of Public Safety to issue state controlled substance registrations.

6. Child Care benefits – loosens requirements for certain child care benefits to enable the Department of Human Services (DHS) to assist those in need.

7. Medicaid – enables DHS to suspend fingerprinting requirements prior to enrolling Medicaid service providers.

8. Telehealth – enables telehealth for physicians and veterinarians.

9. Notaries – enables notaries to notarize documents remotely, consistent with social distancing requirements.

10. Sex Offender Registration – suspends registration requirements that would require close physical contact.

This Executive Order also contains emergency rules relating to (1) notaries, and (2) child care services.