TEU 10

TEU 10 Form

Notice of Monthly Reporting Requirements for Tobacco Licensed Cigarette Stampers:

Pursuant to HRS §486P-2(e), an “entity” (defined as “one or more individuals, a company, corporation, a partnership, an association, licensee, or any other type of legal entity”) that is required to file a return or report pursuant to HRS chapters 245, 486P, or 675, or Title 15 United States Code §376 (PACT Act), shall also provide any information that the Department of the Attorney General may deem necessary for the proper administration of HRS chapters 486P or 675.  The Attorney General deems the following information to be necessary: any information relating to cigarettes and tobacco products sold to consumers within the State, whether directly or through a distributor, retailer, or similar intermediary.

Not later than thirty days after the end of each month the licensee shall submit to the Attorney General a list by brand family of the number of cigarette tax stamps the licensee affixed to the bottom of each individual package of cigarettes during the preceding calendar month. Note: This form must be submitted to the Tobacco Enforcement Unit monthly, even for months when no stamps were affixed.

Pursuant to HRS §486P-3(a), the Attorney General may bring a civil action against any entity that fails to file the reports required under this chapter.  Please be advised that the stamping of cigarettes is prohibited unless the cigarette is listed in the Hawaii Tobacco Directory (Directory) pursuant to HRS sections 486P-5 and 486P-6. See also HRS §245-22.5.  The directory is available at http://ag.hawaii.gov/cjd/tobacco-enforcement-unit.  Questions regarding the filing of this form may be directed to the Tobacco Enforcement Unit at (808) 586-1203 or via email at [email protected].

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