What is the Status of My Kit?

Effective 7/1/2021:  If you have a kit barcode number, go to:  https://trackit.hawaii.gov/

If you do not have a kit barcode number, or were not able to obtain information about your kit on the Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit (SAK) Tracking website listed above, and would like to know the status of your sexual assault evidence collection kit or investigation, please complete the form below.  Please provide as much information as you can. It will take some time to research your case, and the more information you can provide will assist us in the research.

The information will be sent to the Hawaii Department of the Attorney General. 

If your case was reported to the police, the information you provide will only be shared with a member of the police department to which you reported. 

If it was not reported, or you would like to have a victim support service provider contact you, the information will only be shared with a victim counselor at the sexual assault center of the county where the assault occurred.

After you complete and submit the form:

  • You will receive a confirmation message that your form was received.
  • A representative from the police department and/or victim support service provider will contact you.

If you would rather speak to someone, or need support services, please visit our Information and Services page for contact information.