Travel Quarantine Exemption Request


  1. From this site, travelers entering the State of Hawaiʻi can apply for a limited exemption from the mandatory 10-day self-quarantine. Under Governor Ige’s emergency proclamation, all travelers entering the State of Hawaiʻi must self-quarantine for 10 days, unless they obtain an exemption.
  2. There is also a mandatory 10-day self-quarantine for all travelers between islands, except for those traveling from a neighbor island to Oʻahu. To apply for a limited exemption from this mandatory inter-island quarantine, you must apply to the appropriate county or counties. Follow the links below:
    Kauaʻi County
    Maui and Kalawao County (Maui, Lanaʻi, Molokaʻi)
    Hawaiʻi County (the Big Island)
  3. All travelers entering the State of Hawaiʻi must also complete a Safe Travels form available from the Department of Transportation here.

DO NOT APPLY THROUGH THIS LINK FOR THE FOLLOWING (You will not receive a response):

PRE-TRAVEL TESTING PROGRAM: this account does not administer the pre-travel testing program and cannot grant you a quarantine exemption for a negative covid-19 test.  Please see for more information.

FLIGHT CREW:  For airline flight crew, please contact your station or general manager for information regarding the limited exemption for your situation.  For charter flight crew, please contact your fixed base operator (FBO).

MILITARY:  All military members traveling on official business or relocating under PCS orders should review the Hawaii Department of Defense memo.

STATE AND COUNTY EMPLOYEES:  Contact your supervisor for specific instructions before applying for an exemption

INTER-ISLAND TRAVEL:  Please apply directly to the appropriate county thru the links above.


Please review the instructions below before submitting an application.

  1. All Travelers Must Self-Quarantine. Everyone arriving to Hawaiʻi, including residents and visitors, must self-quarantine for 10 days, unless you receive a limited exemption.
  2. Workers in critical infrastructure may apply for a limited exemption will only be allowed to break self-quarantine for the limited purposes stated in the exemption, and for no other purposes, and you and your activities may be subject to other specific restrictions and limitations.
  3. No Guarantee of Approval. An application does not mean or guarantee you will receive any exemption.
  4. Have All Information and Supporting Documents Ready. Your application needs information, explanation, and supporting documents sufficient for the State of Hawaiʻi to determine your eligibility to receive a limited exemption. Incomplete or unclear information or documentation may cause delays or denial of your application.

    Some examples of accepted proof of identity and documents include:

      Picture Identification Primary Document Other Documents
    Resident State ID Drivers License Work ID/Badge Passport Work ID/Badge Employer’s Letter W-2 or Paystub Professional License; PCS Order
    Visitor Work ID/Badge State ID Driverʻs License Contract Work Order Invoice Project Owner Letter Offer of Employment Professional License; PCS Order
  5. Tentative Travel Dates are Acceptable. Each traveler must have a tentative or confirmed arrival and departure date.
  6. Group Travelers or Travel Parties. With one application, you can apply for limited exemptions for multiple travelers. We recommend submitting applications for groups of travelers or travel parties who will all arrive in Hawaiʻi on the same date and to the same final destination-island. Submitting an application with large travel parties, arriving on multiple dates or on different islands, can delay your application.
  7. If you are a returning resident, use your date of return to Hawaii as your arrival date, leave the departure date blank, and choose the location you are traveling from as your state of origin.
  8. Verify Your Application is Complete and Accurate. Your application is submitted to and reviewed by the Department of the Attorney General for completeness and compliance with current state rules.
  9. 48 to 72-Hour Processing Time. Applications are usually processed within 48 to 72 hours, but processing times can vary depending on volume and the completeness and thoroughness of your application.


You will need to upload the following two documents:

  1. A copy of your positive Covid 19 test results using a molecular test (NAAT or PCR). The test results must be no more than 90 days from your date of departure for Hawaii and no less than 11 days.  The results must be from a CLIA certified lab.  When you send the results, please provide enough information so that we can determine the type of test and that the lab is CLIA certified.
  2. A letter from your medical provider dated no less than 10 days after your positive result but no more than 14 days from your departure date for Hawaii confirming that your symptoms have resolved.

If you receive an exemption under this category you are not required to have pre-travel or post-travel testing.


To apply, please use the Apply for Exemption link below.
*If signing in with Apple ID, please select “Share My Email” when prompted in order to receive communications from the app.  If you do not select “Share My Email” you will not receive a response.

* * * Post-Arrival COVID Testing Required * * *

Post-Arrival Testing Requirement

Traveler(s) who receive a limited exemption from the Department of the Attorney General for CISA purposes must take COVID-19 tests after arrival in Hawaiʻi as follows:

  • Traveler(s) shall take a first COVID-19 test at any time between the day of their arrival and 3 days after arrival (the first post-arrival COVID-19 test)
  • Traveler(s) shall take a second COVID-19 test 3 to 4 days following the day they took their first post-arrival COVID-19 test (the second post-arrival COVID-19 test)
  • Traveler(s) shall take an additional COVID-19 test 7 days after their first post-arrival COVID-19 test (the third post-arrival COVID-19 test)
  • The post-arrival COVID-19 tests may be antigen tests or nucleic acid amplification (NAAT)/polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests 

Traveler(s) shall comply with these post-arrival testing requirements for 10 days following arrival in Hawaii or for the duration of their stay in Hawaii, whichever period of time is shorter. 

Traveler(s) do not need to upload their test results to any website but the Department of Health may audit compliance with these post-arrival testing requirements. If Traveler(s) are found not to have complied with these requirements, Traveler(s) and their organizations will be ineligible for future exemptions.

Traveler(s) who test positive from a post-arrival test should contact the Department of Health – Disease Outbreak Control Division at (808) 586-4586.

Travelers who are exempt from the mandatory 10-day self-quarantine under the State of Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program or with an exemption as recovered from covid-19 do not need to comply with these post-arrival testing requirements. 


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