Department of the Attorney General State of Hawaii


Investment in Real Estate Development including Villages at Aina Le’a




Have you ever made any investment in a real estate development project located in Waikoloa, on the Island of Hawai’i, State of Hawaii, United States? (If your answer is “No”, please check the box below and disregard answering any further questions)
If yes, was the investment made with a company known as Aina Leʻa, LLC and/or DW Aina Leʻa Development, LLC?
Do you have copies of any marketing materials, investment disclosures, and/or emails or letters that were provided to you or that you sent to Aina Leʻa, LLC, DW Aina Leʻa Development, LLC, and/or Capital Asia Group? (If yes, we would kindly request that you provide copies of those documents if you choose to share those with us. You may upload copies in the drop box below.)
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