News Releases 2020

03/27/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Calls for Administration to Suspend Efforts to Rewrite Policy on Sexual Assault, Harassment at Schools

03/26/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Supports Equitable Coronavirus Relief Funding for the District of Columbia

03/26/2020: Statewide Effort Underway to Identify Certain Inmates for Release from the Prison Population Amid COVID-19 Concerns

03/26/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Multistate Coalition Fighting for Emergency Relief for Federal Student Loan Borrowers in Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

03/26/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Multistate Coalition Urging Trump Administration to Ease Restrictions and Allow Medical Professionals to Research Solutions to COVID-19 Pandemic

03/25/2020: 33 Attorneys General Warn Amazon, Facebook, Ebay, Craigslist, Walmart: Online Marketplaces Aren’t Exempt from Price Gouging Laws

03/25/2020: Attorney General Urges Vigilance to Keep Children Safe on the Internet 

03/19/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Calls for Encouraging Access to Health Coverage During Pandemic

03/18/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Announces Service Changes as Part of Effort to Contain COVID-19


03/12/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Announces Agreement with T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

03/11/2020: The Department of the Attorney General Seeks Proposals for Victim Assistance Grants

03/06/2020: Hawaii Attorney General joins Coalition Calling on Trump Administration to Delay “Public Charge” Rule During COVID-19 Outbreak

03/06/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Multistate Amicus Brief Opposing the Removal of Protections for People Seeking Asylum

03/04/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Opposes President’s Efforts to Impede Investigation

03/03/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Lawsuit Challenging the Unlawful and Unconstitutional Diversion of Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to Build Border Wall

03/02/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Bipartisan Coalition in Defending States’ Rights to Regulate the Rising Cost of Prescription Drugs

02/27/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Urges FDA to Strengthen E-Cigarette Enforcement Guidance

02/25/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Bipartisan, Multistate Investigation of JUUL

02/20/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Urges Court to Uphold Preliminary Injunction Against Unconstitutional Abortion Law

02/20/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Coalition Supporting Bipartisan  Legislation Limiting Corporate Bankruptcy Forum Shopping

02/19/2020: Hawaii AG Continues Multistate Defense of Immigrant Driver Licenses

02/18/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Condemns Roll Back of Anti-Discrimination Protections for Patients and Students

02/11/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Calls on Congress to Take Steps Towards Ratification of Equal Rights Amendment

02/10/2020: New Chief Integrity Adviser Hui Chen

02/06/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Coalition Challenging Federal Immigration Rules

02/04/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Again Seeks Loan Discharge for Students of Closed Dream Center Schools

01/31/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Argue Consumer Refunds Are Critical In Preventing Fraud

01/31/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Multistate Lawsuit to Stop Elimination of Food Assistance for Nearly 700,000 Struggling Americans

01/28/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins a Multistate Brief Challenging Restrictive Abortion Laws 

01/27/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Coalition in Fight Against Trump Administration Rule That Increases Risk of Erroneous Deportation

01/23/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Announces Lawsuit over Release of 3D-Printed Guns

01/23/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Coalition Fighting to Ensure Consumer Protections Are Not Reversed

01/22/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Urges Supreme Court to Acknowledge Lack of Vital Protections for Residents in Immigration Procedures

01/22/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Opposes Effort to Prevent SEC From Requiring Fraudulent Actors to Return Profits

01/22/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Criticizes Proposal That Would Allow Predatory Lenders to Take Advantage of Most Vulnerable Communities

01/08/2020: Attorney General Statement on Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Attempt to Avoid Hawai’i’s Civil Enforcement Action

01/03/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Approves Asset Forfeiture Rules

01/03/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Amicus Brief in Support of State of Rhode Island in its Lawsuit to Hold Oil Companies Accountable for Costs of Climate Change

01/03/2020: Hawaii Attorney General Joins Coalition Seeking Supreme Court Review of ACA Repeal Case