1.  The Request to Appear by Telephone, Request to Reschedule, and Subpoena forms may be submitted to the Office of Child Support Hearings (OCSH) for hearings scheduled to be heard before the OCSH.

2.  Do NOT use these forms if you do NOT have a hearing pending before the OCSH.  USE THESE FORMS ONLY FOR A PENDING HEARING BEFORE THE OCSH.

3.  For example, the Request to Appear by Telephone form may be used for a hearing that is already scheduled.

4.  The Request to Appear by Telephone may NOT be used to request a hearing, i.e, it may NOT be used in place of the Child Support Enforcement Agency’s (CSEA’s) “Request for Hearing” form (Form No. FOR048).

5.  If you try to use these forms in place of the CSEA’s “Request for Hearing” Form, FOR048, the CSEA may not be aware that you are requesting a hearing, so a hearing might not be scheduled, and the proposed administrative order may become a final order without a hearing.

6.  Please submit the hearing recording form to the OCSH if you would like to purchase an unofficial copy of the recording of your hearing.

7.  We are working on improving accessibility to persons with disabilities.  If you need accommodation for a disability covered by state or federal disability law, including a sign language interpreter, please complete and submit the form below:

8.  We are working to provide language assistance to persons with limited English proficiency.  Please complete and submit the form below to request language assistance: