Asset Forfeiture Revolving Funds HRS


Requests for Use of Asset Forfeiture Funds

Section 712A-16(4), HRS, states:

There is established in the department of the attorney general a revolving fund to be known as the criminal forfeiture fund, hereinafter referred to as the “fund” in which shall be deposited one-half of the proceeds of a forfeiture and any penalties paid pursuant to section 712A-10(6). All moneys in the fund shall be expended by the attorney general and are hereby appropriated for the following purposes:

  1. The payment of any expenses necessary to seize, detain, appraise, inventory, safeguard, maintain, advertise, or sell property seized, detained, or forfeited pursuant to this chapter or of any other necessary expenses incident to the seizure, detention, or forfeiture of such property and such contract services and payments to reimburse any federal, state, or county agency for any expenditures made to perform the foregoing function;
  2. The payment of awards for information or assistance leading to a civil or criminal proceeding;
  3. The payment of supplemental sums to state and county agencies for law enforcement purposes;
  4. The payment of expenses arising in connection with programs for training and education of law enforcement officers; and
  5. The payment of expenses arising in connection with enforcement pursuant to the drug nuisance abatement unit in the department of the attorney general.