Rule 712A-16.1.2. Eligibility to Purchase Forfeited Property at Public Sale

  1. All persons are eligible to purchase property forfeited under the provisions of Chapter 712A, HRS, at a public sale except the following employees and their immediate family members:
    1. an employee of a county police department;
    2. an employee of a county prosecuting attorney’s office;
    3. an employee of the state attorney general’s department; or
    4. an employee of any other public or private agency that serves as a seizing or petitioning agency or conducts sales of forfeited property
  2. Sales in violation of subsection 1., above, are voidable.
  3. Complaints of violations of subsection 1., above, will be investigated by the Department of the Attorney General or the appropriate state agency and, if found, appropriate action will be taken to void sale.


712A-16.4.1 Distributions From the Revolving Fund