Marriages Abroad

Q:  If I get married in a foreign country, will my marriage be valid in Hawaii?

A:   The Department of State refers persons who get married abroad to the office of the Attorney General of their state of residence in the United States to get information about the validity of their marriage.  Under Hawaii law, marriages between two individuals regardless of gender that are legal where contracted are legal in this State.  Section 572-3, Hawaii Revised Statutes.  Thus, if a marriage is legal in the country where the parties marry, it will be legal in Hawaii.

Q:  Are there any documents that I need to prove I was married in a foreign country?

A:   There is no additional documentation that you need for your marriage to be legal in Hawaii if it is legal in the country where you were married.  However, it  is a good idea for the marrying couple to get several copies of the marriage certificate, and if the marriage certificate is not written in English, it is also a good idea to get an official English translation of the marriage certificate in case the couple needs to prove to anyone in the United States that they are married.  Sometimes banks, employers, or other businesses require proof of marriage.

Q:  Where can I get additional information about marriage?

A:   For additional information on marriage in Hawaii, please visit the website of the Hawaii Department of Health, at

Q:  Will my marriage in a foreign country be recognized in other states within the United States?

A:   For information about the validity of a marriage in another state, please consult that state.