News Releases 2006

2006/12/22 Hawaii Receives $322,986 From $55.4 Million in Tobacco Settlement with House of Prince and Affiliate

2006/12/07 Department of the Attorney General Will Auction Forfeited Property

2006/12/05 Honolulu Man Arrested for Electronic Enticement of a Child

2006/12/04 Lawsuit Filed To Implement Insurance Settlement

2006/11/27 Trucking Company President Guilty of Solid Waste Pollution

2006/11/09 State ID Office Open on Saturday, November 18, 2006

2006/10/27 All Defendants Found Guilty in Airport Fraud Case

2006/10/26 Attorney General Mark Bennett Announces Weinstein Company to Add Anti-Smoking Public Service Announcements to Newest DVD Release

2006/10/25 Guilty Verdict for Nurse Aid in Elder Abuse Case

2006/10/11 Attorney General Mark Bennett and Other Attorneys General Reach Historic Settlement With R.J. Reynolds to End the Sale of Flavored Cigarettes

2006/09/14 State ID Cards at Mililani High School and Lanai Community Center

2006/09/14 Attorney General Mark Bennett and Other Attorneys General Ask Hollywood to Utilize Anti-Smoking Messages For DVDS

2006/09/14 New Addition to Schedule – State ID Cards at Kalani High School

2006/08/23 Three Kauai Police Department Officers Indicted By a Kauai Grand Jury For Theft and Falsification of Records

2006/08/23 Ruling Vindicates Hawaii child Support Enforcement Agency

2006/07/28 First Monitor’s Report Issued Regarding Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility

2006/07/20 Sex Offenders Indicated for Failure to Comply With Registration Requirements

2006/07/14 Hawaii Attorney General Bennet Announces Lawsuit Against Top DRAM Manufacturers

2006/07/10 Thirty-Three Attorneys General, Lorillard Reach Agreement to Reduce Illegal Internet Cigarette Sales

2006/07/07 Attorney General Selects Special Deputy to Investigate Kaloko Dam Breach

2006/06/30 State ID Cards at Kahuku High School

2006/06/26 Department of the Attorney General Will Auction Forfeited Property

2006/06/22 Kaloko Dam Special Deputy Attorney General List

2006/06/16 3 Arrested in Florida for Securities Violations and Theft in Hawaii

2006/06/05 Judge Sentences Defendant to One Year in Jail for Dumping Tar into a Storm Drain

2006/05/15 Free Keiki Identification Kits

2006/05/04 State ID Cards at Kapolei High School

2006/04/27 State Sues 44 Drug Companies for Manipulating Drug Prices

2006/04/21 Appeal of Substitute Teachers Case

2006/04/19 Internationally Recognized Author, Lecturer, and Media Critic in Hawaii

2006/04/13 Heightened Risk of Identity Theft

2006/04/04 Investigator for Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office Indicted for Felony Theft

2006/03/28 State ID Cards at Windward Mall

2006/03/21 Department of the Attorney General Will Auction Forfeited Property

2006/03/13 52 National and Local Presenters to Share the Latest Information on Preventing Underage Drinking, Drugs, and Youth Gangs at the 2006 Community Action Seminar

2006/01/26 State ID Cards at Mitchell Pauole Center

2006/01/26 Drug Nuisance Abatement Action Filed Against Four Alleged Lahaina Drug Dealers

2006/01/17 2006 Law Enforcement Coalition Legislative Package