News Releases 2009

2009/12/11 Department of the Attorney General will Auction Forfeited Property

2009/11/25 Attorney General Provides Tips For Charitable Giving During the Holiday Season

2009/11/04 Court Rules in Hawaiian Home Lands Waiting List Case

2009/11/02 State ID Cards at Mitchell Pauole Community Center on Molokai

2009/10/30 Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency Announces Debit Card Program For Child Support Payments

2009/10/30 Oahu Man Pleads No Contest in Multiple Tax Charges

2009/10/28 Former RightStar Executive Pleads No Contest to Theft Charge

2009/10/27 Hawaii Supreme Court Rules in State’s Favor in Ceded Lands Litigation

2009/09/29 State ID Cards at Kapolei High School

2009/09/09 Department of the Attorney General Will Auction Forfeited Property

2009/07/20 State ID Cards at Mililani High School

2009/07/15 State ID Cards at Pearl City High School

2009/07/09 State ID Office Hours

2009/07/02 Hawaii Sex Offender Website Offers new Features

2009/06/12 State ID Cards at Waipahu High School

2009/05/28 Wailuku Man Indicted for Electronic Enticement of a Child

2009/05/22 State ID Cards at Enchanted Lake Elementary School

2009/05/20 “Operation False Charity” Law Enforcement Sweep

2009/05/19 Kauai Man Charged With Seven Counts of Theft in the First Degree

2009/05/12 Waikele Man Arrested For Electronic Enticement of a Child

2009/05/05 State ID Card at Kamaile Elementary School

2009/04/27 Hawaii Charity Registry Now Available Online

2009/04/03 State ID Card at James Campbell High School

2009/03/05 Arizona Man Indicted in Honolulu on Electronic Enticement and Pornography Charges

2009/03/05 State ID Cards at Lanai Community Center

2009/02/17 State ID Cards at Aliiolani Elementary School

2009/01/20 Former Honolulu Police Officer Sentenced for State Tax Crimes

2009/01/16 Second Oahu Man Pleads Guilty in Cold Case

2009/01/15 Hawaii Law Enforcement Coalition Proposes Two Constitutional Amendments

2009/01/07 Oahu Man Pleads Guilty and Receives Sentence in Cold Case