Past AG Opinions

2011 AG Opinions:

2011/10/19 Op. No. 11-2 to the Honorable Frederick D. Pablo, Director of Taxation, Regarding Tax Filing Status of Partners of Civil Unions

2011/02/28 Op. No. 11-1 Letter to Honorable Shan S. Tsutsui, President of the Senate, Regarding Forty-Eight-Hour Review Period of Article III, Section 15, of the Hawaii Constitution

2008 AG Opinions:

2008/08/04 Letter to the Honorable Donna R. Ikeda, Chairperson, Board of Education – Regarding Random Drug Testing of Teachers (op. # 08-01)

2007 AG Opinions:

2007/11/06 Letter to the Honorable Rosemary T. Fazio Regarding the Appointment of Judicial Selection Commission’s Administrative Assistant (Op. # 07-03)

2007/09/14 Letter to Mr. Liu Regarding the Constitutionality of Act 3, First Special Session 2007: House Bill No. 718, S.D. 2, C.D. 1 (Op.# 07-02)

2007/07/04 Letter to Melvin Chiba Regarding Article VI, Section three of the Hawaii Constitution (Op. # 07-01)

2006 AG Opinions:

2006/05/08 Applicability of Chapter 104, HRS, to County Housing Projects Developed Pursuant to Section 46-15, HRS (Op.# 06-01)

2005 AG Opinions:

2005/07/08 Governor’s Proclamations on H.B. Nos. 1309, 1548, 1556, 1715, and on S.B. No. 813 (op. #05-02)

2005/05/20 Rule 31 of the Senate, Twenty-Third Legislature of the State of Hawaii (op. 05-01)

2003 AG Opinions:

2003/08/22 Reading of S.B. No. 1394 and Constitutionality Validity of Act 172, SLH 2003 (op. 03-06)

2003/08/18 Medical Acupuncture as it Relates to the Scope of Practice of Acupuncture (op. 03-05)

2003/05/30 Transfer of Ceded Land Receipts to OHA (op. 03-04)

2003/04/11 Kahoohalahala Opinion on Biogenetic Resources (op. 03-03)

2003/03/28 Executive Restrictions on Appropriations and Lapses (op. 03-02)

2003/02/07 The Constitutionality Of School Vouchers in Hawaii (op. 03-01)

2000 AG Opinions:

 2000/07/25 Effect of Hawaii’s New Health Care Information Privacy Act on State Functions (op. 00-02)
2000/02/09 Government Employees’ Retirement Benefits — “High-3 Reform” (op. 00-01)

1993-1999 AG Opinions

1987-1992 AG Opinions:

Note: The Hawaii State Bar Association no longer hosts these old AG opinions; however, you may still obtain copies through the Attorney General’s Library. Please call the Attorney General’s office at (808)586-1500 and ask for the Library.