ID Theft Alert: ID Theft Related Resources

The following web resources contain information about protecting yourself from identity theft and what to do if you suspect you are a victim of identity theft.

Federal Trade Commission: ID Theft  
This is the main U.S. government site for identity-theft information. The FTC also maintains a database of identity theft cases used by law enforcement agencies for investigations. The document “Take Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft” (available on the FTC site) is an excellent resource and provides detailed information about identity-theft and what to do if you are a victim.

Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft Hotline: 877-ID-THEFT (877-438-4338)

Social Security Administration Fact Sheet on Identity Theft
The Social Security Administration provides information on how to report the fraudulent use of a Social Security card and how to correct your earnings record.
Social Security Administration’s Fraud Hotline: 800-269-0271

Equifax (credit reporting agency,
Fraud Division

Experian (credit reporting agency,
Credit Fraud Center

Trans Union (credit reporting agency,
Fraud Victim Assistance Department
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016-2000

Phone: 800-680-7289