Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency

Welcome to the Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency Website, recently enhanced to serve you better! The Hawaii State Child Support Enforcement Agency is a division within the Department of the Attorney General. The Agency works in partnership with the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement and other State and local agencies.

The primary goal of this Agency is to ensure that our Keiki (children) have the ongoing financial support of both parents, by providing a system for payments and disbursements of court-ordered child support. It is our sincere desire that this website will provide you with the information and the tools you need to ensure that court-ordered child support payments are made and received in a timely manner.

Here at this website, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about child support, as well as instructions and the various forms you may need to have the Child Support Enforcement Agency initiate the services you desire.

As supported by our Mission and Vision Statements, the Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency is committed to our Keiki, and to providing excellence in customer care. Please let us know how we are doing, and how we can further improve upon this website.

Mission Statement

To promote the well-being of children and the self-sufficiency of families through the timely and accurate delivery of Child Support Services, while providing excellence in customer care.

Vision Statement

We envision that all Keiki can rely on their parents for financial and medical support enhanced by the agency’s excellent Child Support Services and customer care.



Public Hearing on Administrative Rules

Child Support Account Information System

Receiving Payments through ReliaCard

 $25 Annual Fee

A new enforcement program to pursue the collection of delinquent support for cases without active current child support will be implemented by CSEA under HRS §576D-14 and HRS §571-52.2 beginning November 1, 2008. Collection of past due balances will be initiated through the withholding of the responsible party’s wages and other income. Cases without activity that have delinquencies in the last 10 years will be identified for action.

If your case is selected, you will receive a notice in the mail of the action that has been taken. You will be provided the option to request a hearing if you disagree with the delinquent balance of support that is being collected.

Important Notice from State of Hawaii’s Employees’ Retirement System (ERS)

Pursuant to ACT 94, SLH 2010 State of Hawaii’s Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) is in the process of changing its pension payments schedule. If this change affects the timing of receiving your child support, please read the Custodial Parent letter and the Pension Conversion notice from ERS for details.