I’m not sure which of two men is the father of my child. Can I file an application for services with CSEA?

Yes, you must fill out and submit an application for Hawaii Child Support Enforcement (CSEA) services for each of the possible fathers. Genetic testing can determine the father of the child

My husband is not the biological father of my new baby. My boyfriend, the biological father, and I want to establish that he is the father and have his name placed on the birth certificate. Can I apply for CSEA services?

You must complete and submit two applications for CSEA services. Complete one application naming your husband as the father and the other naming your boyfriend as the father. You may write, visit, or call CSEA at one of the branch locations to request an application.

How long does it take to establish paternity through CSEA?

If you provided accurate locate information on the other parent of the child (full name, birth date, social security number, and address) the case could be completed in two to three months. If there are problems serving the person or if genetic tests are conducted, this could delay the action another several months.

I am under age 18 and have a baby. The father of my baby denies he is the father. Can I apply for CSEA services to establish him as the father?

Minor parents are allowed to use CSEA services. Complete and submit an application for CSEA services. If you are on welfare, provide this information to your income maintenance worker who will make the referral to CSEA.

I think I am the father of my ex-girlfriend’s baby. She and her parents will not talk to me or let me see the baby. Can I use CSEA services to determine if I am the father of the baby and get visitation rights?

Yes. If you think there is the possibility that you are the father of an illegitimate child, you may file an application for CSEA services to establish paternity. Genetic testing can be performed if there is doubt about your fatherhood. If you are determined to be the father, you also have rights to custody and visitation. However, CSEA cannot help you with this part of the case. Many parents in family court represent themselves in these types of disputes. You will probably be required to pay child support if you do not obtain physical custody of the child.

You may write, visit, or call the Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) at one of the branch locations to request an application.

At the time my baby was born, I had broken up with the child’s father. My new boyfriend and I signed the “Voluntary Establishment by Natural Parents” form at the hospital. I have since broken up with this boyfriend also. I want him off of my child’s birth certificate and out of my life. Can I file for CSEA services to establish the biological father as the legal father of my child?

The man who signed the “Voluntary Establishment” of paternity form is the legal father of your child. You should consult a lawyer.