1993-1999 AG Opinions

1999/03/19 Proposed Amendment to Article 8, Relating to Nuclear Energy, Chapter 14 of the Hawaii County Code (op. 99-01)

1998/08/27 Whether a Division Chief May Act as a Hearings Officer in Administrative Hearings Involving Programs in the Division Chief’s Division (op. 98-06)

1998/08/10 Non Candidate Committees (op. 98-05)

1998/07/13 Escheat of Abandoned Property (op. 98-04)

1998/03/25 Housing Projects Developed Pursuant to Act 15, Session Laws of Hawaii 1988 (op. 98-03)

1998/03/03 Advertisements by Licensed Massage Therapists (op. 98-02)

1998/02/02 Enterprise Zones (op. 98-01)

1997/12/24 Eligibility of a Former Employee to Purchase Military Service Credit (op. 97-12)

1997/12/22 Former Per Diem Judges’ Requests for Full Prior Service Credit Under Provisions of Section 88-58, Hawaii Revised Statutes (op. 97-11)

1997/12/02 Health Insurance Coverage for Reciprocal Beneficiaries (op. 97-10)

1997/10/27 Department of Education’s Temporary Disability Insurance Plans for Full-time Teachers and Other Part-time Employees (op. 97-09)

1997/10/16 Suspension of Contractors for Violation of Chapter 104, Hawaii Revised Statutes (op. 97-08)

1997/09/15 Military Active Duty Training (op. 97-07)

1997/09/02 Application of the Konno v. County of Hawaii Decision to the Construction of Certain Civil Services Laws For Purposes of Privatization (op. 97-06)

1997/08/14 Section 4 of Act 383, Relating to Unmarried Couples (op. 97-05)

1997/05/14 Effect of Repeal of Section 183-41, HRS, on Chapter 13-2, HAR (op. 97-04)

1997/04/11 The Effect of a Renunciation of Succession Pursuant to Section 560:2-801, Hawaii Revised Statutes, on the Payout of Retirement Benefits (op. 97-03)

1997/03/10 Constitutional Issues Relating to Jury Trials (op. 97-02)

1997/01/13 Requirement for Balanced Budget (op. 97-01)

1996/11/19 Calculating a Majority on the Question Calling for a Constitutional Convention (op. 96-05)

1996/10/29 Constitutionality of Section 445-112(11), Hawaii Revised Statutes, Imposing Durational Limitations on Political Signs (op. 96-04)

1996/08/21 Selection of Panel of Nominees for the Campaign Spending Commission (op. 96-03)

1996/08/09 Applicability of Section 201E-210, Hawaii Revised Statutes, to Water System Development Fees (op. 96-02)

1996/02/16 Organizational Placement of Executive Branch Agencies (op. 96-01)

1995/12/19 Application of Endangered Species Laws to Hawaiian Home Lands (op. 95-05)

1995/11/20 Whether Divorcement Constitutes a “Taking” of Private Property for Public Use (op. 95-04)

1995/07/17 Authority to Alienate Public Trust Lands (op. 95-03)

1995/05/08 Reinsurance of the State of Hawaii (op. 95-02)

1995/01/12 Sufficiency of Payment Plan as Basis for Liquor License Renewal (op. 95-01)

1994/12/20 Applicability of the Hawaii Public Procurement Code to the Administrator or Product Provider Contracts of the Deferred Compensation Plan (op. 94-04)

1994/11/30 Dischargeability of Court-Ordered Restitution When the Debtor has Filed a Petition in Bankruptcy (op. 94-03)

1994/10/17 Original Package Doctrine (op. 94-02)

1994/05/19 Scope of Permissible Disclosure of Executive Session Deliberations and Decision on the Appointment of the Superintendent of Education (op. 94-01)

1993/03/01 Entitlement of “Hanai” Children to Certain Benefits Available Under Chapter 88, Hawaii Revised Statutes (op. 93-01)

1955-1992 AG Opinions:

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