Reports to the Legislature 2024 Regular Session

Annual Report on Licenses to Carry (April 1, 2024)

Report on Recommendations for Denial of Claims for Legislative Relief

Report on Incidents of Unnecessary or Excessive Force on Arrestees by the Department of the Attorney General

2023 Report of the Commission to Promote Uniform Legislation

Goals and Objectives of the Department of the Attorney General 2024

Interim Report of the Task Force to Recommend Amendments to Existing Parentage Laws

Annual Update of the Criminal Justice Data Sharing Working Group

Report on Administratively Established Funds and Accounts

Report on Receipts and Expenditures of the Antitrust Trust Fund

Report on Litigation Deposits Trust Account Transactions and Collections Made on Behalf of Other Departments and Agencies

Report on Non-General Fund Accounts Under the Control of the Department of the Attorney General – FY 2022-2023

Annual Report on Hate Crimes in Hawaii

Annual Report on the Use and Discharge of Electric Guns by the Department of the Attorney General

Annual Report on the Number of Pen Register Orders and Orders for Trap and Trace Devices Applied for by Law Enforcement Agencies of the State

Report on the Annual Statewide Inventory and Report on Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits

Final Report on Progress of the Department of the Attorney General in Implementing Section 2 of Act 315 (2022)

Report of the Gun Violence and Violent Crimes Commission

Report on Proceedings under the Hawaii Omnibus Criminal Forfeiture Act

Report on the Tobacco Enforcement Special Fund

Report on the Law Enforcement Standards Board