Receiving Payments through ReliaCard

Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) has partnered with U.S. Bank to provide child support payments electronically through the U.S. Bank ReliaCard® Visa®. Section 576D-10(c) of the Hawaii Revised Statues requires that payments be made electronically to your bank account. There are two options available: direct deposit and the debit card.

CSEA issued two notices to custodial parents receiving payments through paper checks in August and September of 2009. These notices were intended to promote direct deposit prior to November 4, 2009, the implementation date of the debit card program. After such date, if no bank account is set up for direct deposit, you will be automatically set up with the U.S. Bank ReliaCard.

The following is a preview of the Reliacard information in case it may apply to you:

The ReliaCard Visa is a prepaid card—not a credit card. Everyone who is receiving child support in Hawaii automatically qualifies for the ReliaCard Visa. There is no bank account or credit check required.

With the ReliaCard Visa, you’ll enjoy convenient access to your child support payments. The ReliaCard Visa works like a Visa debit card. It can be used to make purchases at millions of locations worldwide.

The ReliaCard Visa allow you to:

  • Make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
  • Get cash back with purchases from many Interlink® merchants (such as supermarkets)
  • Get cash from any Visa/Plus® ATM. The first two withdrawals per month are service fee-free*
  • Make a cash withdrawal at any Visa-member bank teller at no cost.
  • Cash withdrawls at Moneypass are free all the time. (ATM locations)
  • Pay monthly bills or make online, phone or mail order purchases without a fee
  • Receive free monthly statements to help you keep track of spending
  • Check balance and transaction history free of charge, 24-hours a day online at or by calling ReliaCard Visa customer service at 866-276-5114


Your ReliaCard Visa will be received 7-10 business days after you enroll. The card will arrive in a plain white envelope from the ReliaCard Visa customer service center in North Dakota. Follow the activation instructions that arrive with the card.

For more information, please review the ReliaCard Usage Guide, the fee schedule, and the Frequently Asked Questions.

* ATM owners may assess a surcharge (varies by owner) for each transaction. After the first two withdrawals each month, U.S. Bank will charge you a fee of $1.25 per withdrawal.