Why is my stimulus check being intercepted?

Your stimulus check is being sent to you as a federal tax refund. If you are past-due on your child support obligations, federal law may require that your stimulus check be intercepted and be used to pay off your past-due support.

Federal law requires the State of Hawaii to submit a notification of liability whenever there is past-due support that qualifies for offset. The federal government reviews and approves these notifications before intercepting your tax refund.

If we have already sent in a notification of liability in your case and it has been reviewed and approved by the federal government, your stimulus check will be intercepted in the same manner as any other tax refund.

We have not sent in a separate notification of liability just for stimulus checks. If your case was already subject to a tax refund intercept, your stimulus check will be intercepted as well.

The CARES Act does not exempt stimulus checks from reduction or offset for past-due child support.

If you are receiving your stimulus check jointly with your spouse and only you owe the child support debt, your spouse can file an injured spouse form with the IRS. Please visit the IRS website at to file the claim. For joint filers, we will hold your intercepted stimulus check for six months before applying it to past-due child support to give you time to file the claim.

For more information about the offset program, visit or call CSEA at 808-692-7138.

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