Walk-In Retail Payment Information

Which retail stores will accept my payments?

You can make a payment at any Walmart store nationwide.  There is a list of participating retail stores on the TouchPay website listed below.

What do I need to do before I go to Walmart to make a payment?

  1. You must register/log in to your TouchPay account at https://www.tpchildsupport.com/childsupport/HI

  2. Start the payment process on the website and select “Walk-In Retail” payment method on the screen. You should be able to print out a payment slip.

  3. Bring the payment slip and your payment to one of the participating retail stores.  Make sure to keep your payment receipt as a confirmation of your payment.  You can reuse this payment slip as many times as you want up to a year and pay any amount up to the amount listed on your payment slip.

What type of payment can I make at Walmart?

Only cash and debit cards are accepted at the participating retail stores.  You can make a payment up to $1,000 through this payment method.

Will there be any fees in addition to my payments?

Yes. A $3.95 fee will be added to the cost for each payment you make.