As the Internet’s influence grows, the potential for danger also escalates. One of these dangers is from cyber bullying. This problem is growing even in Hawaii and is very different from the schoolyard bullying of which most of us are familiar.

Cyber bullying consists of sending or posting cruel messages, photos, or videos on the Internet or other electronic media with the intent of damaging the reputation of the target. Types of cyber bullying include but are not limited to:

  • Flaming (sending angry or vulgar messages).
  • Harassing victims with repeated offensive or cruel messages.
  • Creating web sites that have stories, cartoons, or pictures that mock others. They may ask peers to rate their physical attractiveness or other things.
  • Impersonating another by breaking into his or her online account and sending vicious or embarrassing material to others.
  • Tricking someone into revealing sensitive personal information, and electronically forwarding that information to others.

Cyber bullying has the unique ability to circulate through the schoolyard, the neighborhood and the entire world with a click of a button to quickly create severe and irrevocable harm.

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