Child Support Payment Options


The Statewide Disbursement Branch (SDB) processes all child support payments. Certified checks or money orders payable to the Child Support Enforcement Agency should be mailed to following address:

Child Support Enforcement Agency
Statewide Disbursement Branch
P.O. Box 1860
Honolulu, Hawaii 96805-1860 

 Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for the Non-Custodial Parent (NCP)

Non-custodial parents can remit support-related payments to the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through any of the following:

  1. ExpertPay – make payment from a checking account by going to
  2. – make payment using a credit or debit card. Pay with American Express®, MasterCard®, Visa® or Discover® by going to 
  3. TouchPay – make payment online or via phone using a credit or debit card.  Pay with Visa® or MasterCard® by going to or calling 855-556-0967.

Western Union

(Western Union has suspended its acceptance of child support payments as of May 2013. We will update you of any new development.)

Western Union has the following options available for making child support payments:

    1. Cash Payment

Go to a nearby Western Union Agent location to make your child support payment with a nominal fee. To find a Western Union Agent location that is convenient to you, you should do one of the following:

  1. Credit Card Payment – Credit card payments by telephone or over the internet.
    • Pay with MasterCard®, VISA®, or Discover® by calling 1-800-634-3422, press 2. (Not available for customers calling from: CT, FL, KS, ME, MA, MN, NY, and OK.)
    • Pay with MasterCard® or VISA® by going to Under “Send Now” (top right-hand corner) customer scrolls down and selects Quick Collect option to get started.

Note: You will be charged with a higher transaction fee should you choose to pay your support payment with a credit card.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for the Employer

Employers can send support-related withholding payments to the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) via Electronic Funds Transfer/Electronic Data Interchange (EFT/EDI) through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

EFT/EDI offers your business with long-term financial savings by:

    • Increasing accuracy and efficiency;
    • Increasing reliability – no lost checks or mail delays;
    • Reducing paperwork;
    • Eliminating postage costs; and
    • Eliminating theft or fraud.

If your business is interested in remitting payments via EFT/EDI, please:

  1. Review the User Guide for Electronic Child Support Payments. CSEA accepts payments in CCD+ or CTX format.
  2. Contact your financial institution or third-party service provider to determine its capabilities and requirements.
  3. Complete an ACH credit request form, which can be obtained by contacting the CSEA’s EFT Coordinator at (808) 692-7013. Upon receipt of the completed form, the CSEA’s banking info will be provided. (This step need not be completed if your company is using a third-party service provider.)
  4. Provide the CSEA’s EFT Coordinator with a list of employees for which support-related withholding payments would be transmitted to the CSEA. This list should contain each employee’s name, social security number and case number. The CSEA will review the list and provide the employer with changes, if any.

Another option available to employers is to remit payments through ExpertPay.

If you have any questions regarding EFT/EDI payments, please contact the CSEA’s EFT Coordinator at (808) 692-7013.