Research and Statistics Branch

CPJA’s Research & Statistics Branch is Hawaii’s primary source of criminological data and other objective information on the nature and extent of crime in Hawaii. Branch publications such as the annual Crime in Hawaii Uniform Crime Report provide critical, comprehensive data and analysis to the Attorney General and other criminal justice agencies and professionals, legislators, crime prevention and community mobilization groups, academic and research institutions, service providers, news media, and the general public. These reports and data provide an objective framework for the consideration of crime problems facing Hawaii. Branch staff also provide technical assistance and serve on several crime-related committees.

The Research and Statistics Branch, through its partnership with the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, is Hawaii’s federally-designated “Statistical Analysis Center” and works closely with the national Justice Research and Statistics Association. The Branch directs the state Uniform Crime Reporting Program in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Hawaii’s county police departments.

Research Support to the Interagency Council on Intermediate Sanctions (see “Documents” section)

Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2021
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2020
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2019
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2018
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2017
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2016
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2015
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2014
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2013
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2012
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2022
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2021
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2020
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2019
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2018
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2017
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2016
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2015
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2014
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2013
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2012
Oahu Parole and Probation Population Maps, 2012

Special Reports: 2003-2012 Release Dates
An Analysis of Youth Level of Service Inventory (YLSI) “Risks and Needs” Data for Juvenile Offenders Assessed by Hawaii’s Second & Third Circuit Family Courts and at the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility, 2001-2006
Crime and Justice in Hawaii: 2010 Household Survey Report
Crime and Justice in Hawaii: 2008 Household Survey Report
Crime and Justice in Hawaii: 2005 Household Survey Report
Crime Mapping Applications for Hawaii’s Juvenile Justice Information System
Driving Under the Influence in the City & County of Honolulu
Drug Arrests per Capita, by County, State of Hawaii, 1992-2002
Effects of Tourism on Rates of Serious Crimes in Hawaii
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2011
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2010
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2009
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2008
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2007
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2006
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2005
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2004
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2003
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2002
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2011
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2010
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2009
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2008
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2007
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2006
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2005
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2004
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2003
Hate Crimes in Hawaii, 2002
Hawaii’s Imprisonment Policy and the Performance of Parolees Who Were Incarcerated In-State and on the Mainland
Identity Theft in Hawaii, 2008
Motor Vehicle Theft and Burglary in Hawaii: A Statistical Profile of Adult Offenders and Criminal Convictions
Profiles of the Female and Serious Juvenile Offender in Hawaii
Project Safe Neighborhoods in Hawaii: Crime Mapping Report
Project Safe Neighborhoods in Hawaii: Year 1 Study Report
Sexual Assault Victims in Honolulu: A Statistical Profile
The Female Juvenile Offender in Hawaii
The Serious Juvenile Offender in Hawaii

Special Reports: 2000-2002 Release Dates
Compliance and Sanctions in the Community: Felony Probation in Hawaii, 1996-1999
Developing a NIBRS-Compatible Homicide Database: A Multistate Pilot Test (Hawaii Test Site)
Domestic Violence in Hawaii: Impact on Mothers and Their Children
Drug Offense Arrests in Hawaii, 1982-1998
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2001
Firearm Registrations in Hawaii, 2000
Firearm-Related Violent Crimes in Hawaii, 1992-2001
HYCF Project: Data Assessment and Research Directions
HYCF Project: Incarcerated Juveniles and Recidivism in Hawaii
Parole Decision Making in Hawaii: Setting Minimum Terms, Approving Release, Deciding on Revocation, and Predicting Success and Failure on Parole
A Pilot Study on the Mental Health of Adolescents and Youth at the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility
Project Bridge – A Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program in the State of Hawaii: Program Implementation and Outcome Review
Registered Sex Offenders in Hawaii: A Statistical Profile
Reporting Sexual Assault to the Police in Hawaii

Special Reports: 1997-1999 Release Dates
25 Years of Uniform Crime Reports in Hawaii, 1975-1999
Crime and Justice in Hawaii: Annual crime victimization reports, 1996-1998
Drug Offense Arrests in Hawaii, 1982-1996
Domestic Violence-Related Murders
Felony Sexual Assault Arrests in Hawaii
Juvenile Arrests, Hawaii versus U.S., Selected 1996 Statistics
Juvenile Robbery Arrests in Honolulu: An Overview
Media Presentations of Juvenile Crime in Hawaii: Wild in the Streets?
Model Drug Law Conference: A Symposium on Crime in Hawaii
Motor Vehicle Theft in Hawaii, 1980-1995
Murder in Hawaii, 1992-1997
Restoring Justice in Hawaii
Restraining Orders Sought in the City & County of Honolulu
Survival on Parole: Post-Prison Adjustment and the Risk of Returning to Prison in the State of Hawaii
Weapons Used in Violent Crimes, State of Hawaii, 1993-1998