Juvenile Justice Information System

Hawaii’s Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) is a statewide information system that combines juvenile offender information from the police, prosecutors, Family Court, and the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility for use by the participating agencies in tracking juvenile offenders. The JJIS is also the repository for statewide information on runaway and missing children.

Information in the JJIS includes juveniles’ first exposure to the justice system and extends through prosecution, adjudication, and incarceration. With this comprehensive information, agencies can track juvenile offenders through the justice system and make informed decisions that balance community safety with the objective of restoring as many juveniles as possible to productive citizenship.

The JJIS is used by police officers, probation officers, judges, prosecutors, and correctional workers who need to know the status of individual juveniles at any time or point in the juvenile justice process. The JJIS provides background information on arrest and court data, demographic data, programs and social services provided.

Juvenile Justice Information Committee

R. Mark Browning, Chief Judge, 1st Circuit, Chair

Anne E. Lopez, Attorney General, State of Hawaii

Leanne Gillespie, Executive Director, Office of Youth Services

Ben Moszkowicz, Chief of Police, County of Hawaii

Kelden Waltjen, Prosecuting Attorney, County of Hawaii

Randi Cooper, Administrator, Juvenile Client & Family Services, 3rd Circuit

Arthur “Joe” Logan, Chief of Police, City & County of Honolulu

Steven Alm, Prosecuting Attorney, City & County of Honolulu

Matthew J. Viola, Senior Judge, Family Court, 1st Circuit

Todd Raybuck, Chief of Police, County of Kauai

Rebecca V. Like, Prosecuting Attorney, County of Kauai

Kari Yamashiro, Deputy Chief Court Administrator, 5th Circuit

John Pelletier, Chief of Police, County of Maui

Andrew Martin, Prosecuting Attorney, County of Maui

Marsha Yamada, Deputy Chief Court Administrator, 2nd Circuit

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