Welcome to the JJIS User Manual!

JJIS Staff

Stuart Okumura Coordinator

Greg Malick – Lead Analyst

Yong Hsu – Analyst

Katherine Kishaba – Analyst

Katie Konno – Analyst

Michelle Nishizawa – Analyst

VACANT – Analyst

Maria Sadaya-Ibus – Research Analyst

Kathie Chun – Office Assistant

JJIS is the nation’s first statewide Juvenile Justice Information System to include the county police departments, county prosecuting attorneys, all circuits of the Family Court and the youth correctional facility in a single integrated system.

Information regarding Juvenile Offenders and Missing/Runaway Juveniles is provided by the four county Police Departments & Prosecutors,  the four circuits of Family Court and the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility.




JJIS Training and Reference Manual

This document is the Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) Training and reference manual. It is current for Release 21.


JJIS Release 21 occurred on 8/13/2008 and includes the following changes:

  • The Missing/Wanted JJIS Screens were modified so that MPD does not have to enter an Agency-ID (this is for the NCIC project).
  • Changes to allow processing of Detention Home (DH)  transaction.
  • Loading of one year of DH history.
  • Modifications to purge to only consider 2 years of discrepancies when determining juvenile archiving.


The following agencies are now online and contributing information to the JJIS:

  • 1st, 2nd,  3rd, and 5th Circuit Family Courts
  • County of Hawaii Police Department
  • County of Hawaii Prosecuting Attorney
  • County of Kauai Police Department
  • County of Kauai Prosecuting Attorney
  • County of Maui Police Department
  • County of Maui Prosecuting Attorney
  • Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility
  • Honolulu Police Department
  • Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney
  • Criminal Justice Division of the Attorney General

Next Generation (NG) JJIS Shared Design Area