Overview “An Integrated Effort”

  • The intent of the statewide Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) is to provide a mechanism whereby appropriate, relevant, accurate, complete, and timely juvenile justice information is captured, maintained, and accessed by juvenile justice agencies throughout the State of Hawaii.
  • The JJIS is used by police officers, probation officers, judges, prosecutors, and correctional workers who need to know the status of individual juveniles at any time or any point in the juvenile justice process.
  • The JJIS is used to log the juvenile through various agency processes and consequently to determine the current status of the juvenile at any given time.
  • The JJIS maintains a chronological record of offenses, detentions, dispositions, rehabilitation programs, and other events that have occurred and should be considered when dealing with the juvenile.
  • In addition, the JJIS provides background information on arrest, court data, personal data, and social services provided, as well as identifying juveniles who are suicide risks, affiliated with gangs, or involved with drugs.
  • Finally, the JJIS is capable of producing statewide statistical reports and is a valuable asset in program planning and in evaluating the outcome of various juvenile programs. 

JJIS integrated


Three Internal Management Agreements can be found here:




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