The JJIS Apprehension Summary screen functions as an online RAP sheet for JJIS Users.  Being a RAP sheet, it is based upon Police Apprehensions which includes Arrests and Referrals.  It provides a list of offenses with the most recent displaying first.  The Total Number of Offenses is displayed below the juvenile’s name.  The connecting of different agency information is done by matching a Police Report Number from different agencies.  Information from a Prosecutor or the Family Court may supercede Police information but will never be listed if Police information does not exists.  In most instances, a hardcopy of the screens is not required since all agencies that use this information have it available online.  If a hardcopy is required, you will need to print each page. 

  • DATE – the date of police contact, the date that a police report or referral was written.
  • T – the abbreviation for “type” code; this type code refers to the type of police contact and is determined from the Method of Apprehension code entered by a Police Department.  It can have values of A for custody arrests; N for non-custody arrests; and R for referrals. If the Method of Apprehension is not entered by the Police Department a blank value will be displayed.
  • POL RPT – the police report number.
  • MOD – a modifier code that may change the nature of the offense, examples of offense modifier codes include AT for attempted and CC for conspiracy to commit.  Show me the complete list.
  • OFFENSE – an abbreviation of the illegal act that is the subject of the police report.  Show me the complete list.
  • SEV – the severity code of the offense; examples of severity codes include FA for a “Felony A” offense and SO for a status offense.  Show me the complete list.
  • SECTION NUMBER – the citation of statute, ordinance or provision that defines the offense; most likely a State statute or county ordinance.  Show me the complete list.
  • DISPO – the agency’s disposition or status of the offense; an abbreviation of the disposition is displayed on this screen.  Show me the complete list.
  • AGY – the agency that is reporting the disposition; an abbreviation is displayed in place of the full agency name.  Show me the complete list.

NOTE:  If you need detail information on the disposition from each agency, you may use the “OFF” screen.