The Arresting Officer/Staff Information screen displays the staff involved with an apprehension or contact. 


  • MSTR POL RPT – the master police report number.  This is the report number associated to the apprehension or contact.
  • POLICE ID – the police id of the juvenile.
  • FC-J NO – the Family Court’s case number for the juvenile.
  • ARREST DATE/TIME – the date and time of the police apprehension or contact.
  • OFFENSE DATE/TIME – the date and time the offense occurred.
  • STAFF ACTION – describes the action that the staff person took.  Examples include Arrested By, Assisted By, etc.  Show me the complete list.
  • STAFF ID – the id of the staff person.  This is the staff id from their respective agency.
  • OFFICER/STAFF NAME – the name of the staff person.  This is not always displayed as some agencies prefer not to display the name for security reasons.
  • DATE – The date of the staff’s action.
  • TIME – The time of the staff’s action.