The Court Appearance Summary screen will display a historical listing of all court hearings for a selected juvenile.  Pertinent information displayed includes the circuit, hearing date, calendar type, hearing disposition, referral document number, and the associated charge.  To navigate to this screen, select a juvenile on the Search for Juvenile Summary screen, enter CRTSUM in the GO TO field and press <PF6>.


  • CIR – the circuit where the court appearance was initiated.
  • DATE – the date on which the court appearance was conducted.
  • CAL TYPE – the type of court appearance.  Show me the complete list
  • DISPO – the status of the court appearance.  Show me the complete list
  • SOURCE DOC – the document number associated to the referral, e.g. police report number.
  • CHARGE – an abbreviation of the illegal act that is the subject of the referral.  Show me the complete list

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