The Juvenile Note Information screen displays all Notes from all agencies with the most recent Notes displayed first.  Pressing <PF10> displays the Juvenile Note Information Update screen.


  • AGENCY (the first field, no heading) – the agency that entered the Note information; an abbreviation is displayed in place of the full agency name.  Show me the complete list.
  • AGENCY DIVISIONS (the second field, no heading) – agency divisions; Show me the complete list.
  • DATE ENTERED – the date that a Note was written.
  • DATE REMOVED – the date that the user wants the note to automatically be removed.
  • PURGE (the fifth field, no heading) – the PURGE field displays how a note is being purged.  Y meaning purge the note when the DATE REMOVED is reached.  N meaning “Never Purge”.  If DATE REMOVED is blank, there will be an N in the PURGE field.
  • USERID – the user that is entering the note.
  • NOTE DESCRIPTION (three lines, no heading) – the note.