The Missing/Wanted Summary screen will display a historical listing of all missing, wanted and runaway cases for a selected juvenile.  The one exception applied for juveniles who have never previously been arrested, charged, or reported wanted or runaway but have only a single closed missing case.  For juveniles who meet this criteria, their records can no longer be accessed and will not be displayed.  To access this screen, select a juvenile on the Search For Juvenile Summary screen; tab to the GO TO field and type MWSUM; then press <SHIFT-PF10>.  Pertinent information displayed include the police report number, the reporting agency, the case status (e.g. RUN), and the open and closed case date.


  • POL RPT – the police report number.
  • WANTED – the date the juvenile is reported to be missing or wanted.
  • AGY – the agency that entered the case; an abbreviation is displayed.  Show me the complete list
  • STATUS – the missing or wanted status type (e.g. RUN, MIS, ESC, etc); and abbreviation is displayed.  Show me the complete list
  • CLOSED – the date the case is closed; usually refers to the date the juvenile is found or arrested.

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