The Offense History Information Summary screen displays a complete listing of offenses for a juvenile, including offenses that are not matched to a specific police apprehension or contact. The offenses are displayed by Contact Date and police report number with the Family Court’s offense and disposition displayed first, followed by the Prosecutor and Police. If an offense is not matched to an apprehension or contact by police report number, a blank contact date is displayed and the offense is listed first. The Total Number of Offenses is displayed below the juvenile’s name. 


  • DATE – the date of police contact, the date that a police report or referral was written.
  • TYP – the abbreviation for “type” code; this type code refers to the type of police contact and is determined from the Method of Apprehension code entered by a Police Department.  It can have values of A for custody arrests; N for non-custody arrests; and R for referrals. If the Method of Apprehension is not entered by the Police Department a blank value will be displayed.
  • POL RPT – the police report number.
  • TYPE – the offense type.  Show me the complete list.
  • MOD – a modifier code that may change the nature of the offense, examples of offense modifier codes include AT for attempted and CC for conspiracy to commit. Show me the complete list.
  • OFFENSE – an abbreviation of the illegal act that is the subject of the police report. Show me the complete list.
  • AGY – the agency that is reporting the disposition; an abbreviation is displayed in place of the full agency name. Show me the complete list. 
  • DISPO – the agency’s disposition or status of the offense; an abbreviation of the disposition is displayed on this screen. Show me the complete list. 
  • DATE – the date the agency set the disposition or status of the offense.