The Program Information Detail screen displays information about a particular program associated with a selected juvenile.  The programs are classified as either diversional, education, or rehabilitation and are generally used by the police and Family Court in lieu of prosecution.  The offense description and corresponding police report number(s) may also display.


To navigate to this screen, select a juvenile on the Search for Juvenile Summary screen and GO TO the Program Information Summary screen.  Select a program and press <PF10> for the Program Information Detail screen.  To view other program details, press <PF8> to scroll forward through the other programs in the order they are listed on the Program Information Summary screen.


  • ENTERED BY – the agency that entered the program; and abbreviation is displayed.  Show me the complete list.
  • ON – the date the program information was entered.
  • LAST UPD – the date the program information was last updated.
  • PROGRAM – the abbreviation followed by a full description of the program.  Show me the complete list.
  • SPONSOR – the agency that administers the program.
  • TYPE – the classification of the program.  Show me the complete list.
  • LOCATION – the abbreviation followed by the full description of the physical location where the program is administered.  Show me the complete list.
  • POL RPT – the police report number(s) that provides a reference between the program and the offense committed.  Up to 3 police report numbers can be entered.
  • OFFENSE DESCRIPTION – the corresponding offense for the entered police report number(s).  Show me the complete list.
  • SCHEDULED DATE – the start date of the program.
  • RESCHEDULED DATE – the rescheduled start date of the program if the compliance is set to “R” for rescheduled.
  • END DATE – the end date of the program.
  • COMPLIANCE – an abbreviation followed by the description indicating the status of the juvenile’s completion of the program (e.g. C for Completed).  Show me the complete list.
  • MISC – any notes to be recorded in regards to the juvenile’s participation in the program.

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