The Program Summary Statistics screen provides a summary count of juveniles assigned to a program broken down by compliance code.  The summary is valid only for your agency and for the specified date range.  Totals by compliance codes are also displayed.  Compliance codes with zero counts are not displayed in order to save space.  To view this screen, enter PSTATS in the GOTO field of any screen and press <PF6>.  Enter the program code and date range you need summarized.  Press <Enter> to display summarization.


  • PROGRAM CODE – the abbreviation of a rehabilitative program.
  • FROM DATE – the earliest date (inclusive) to consider in summarization.
  • TO DATE – the latest date (inclusive) to consider in summarization.
  • TOTAL ASSIGNED IN PERIOD – total count of juveniles assigned to the program.
  • TOTAL PGMS IN COMPLIANCE – total count of juveniles in compliance with the program.
  • COUNT – total number of juveniles (a juvenile may be counted more than once when multiple program assignments exist for the requested period).
  • DESCRIPTION – compliance and description.

NOTE:  The abbreviation NS in the above screen sample means “No Show” and an agency usually disposes of offenses with this compliance by referring it to another agency or program.