The Search for Juvenile by Name/ID/Demographic Info is the primary screen used to search for juveniles in the JJIS.  A user may search by name, various identifiers or demographics including sex, ethnicity, date of birth or age.  A user may further narrow the search criteria by entering a specific county and/or a specific agency.  A user may also search by a specific name type like legal name, alias or unverified name or search phonetically.  The results of the search are displayed on the Search for Juvenile Summary screen.


  • COUNTY – the county from which the juvenile’s data originated.  Example of the county are Honolulu, Hawaii, etc.
  • AGENCY – the abbreviation of the agency from which the juvenile’s data originated.  Examples of the agency are HPD, HPA, etc.  Show me the complete list.
  • SEARCH NAME – the name used for the search.  The name is entered in the last name, first name middle name format.  The name can be entered as the last name only, part of the last name with a wild card, last name and first letter of the first name as well as other combinations.
  • JJIS ID – the statewide JJIS identifier.
  • POLICE ID – the police identifier.
  • PROS ID – the prosecutor’s identifier.
  • FC J NO – the Family Court’s case number for the juvenile.
  • SSN – the social security number.
  • SEX – the sex code.  Examples of the sex code are M, F. and U.
  • ETHNICITY – ethnicity codes.  Show me the complete list.
  • DOB – the date of birth.
  • FROM AGE – the start age of an age range.
  • TO AGE – the end age of an age range.
  • SCARS/MARKS – scars, marks and tattoos codes.  Show me the complete list.
  • SEARCH FOR <L>EGAL/<A>LIAS/<U>NVERIFIED NAMES? – name type to search on.  When this field is blank, all names are used for the search.
  • SEARCH PHONETICALLY – a Y/N flag.  The phonetic search is only on the last name.