The Warrant Summary screen displays warrant information from the Family Court. The Family Court provides information on bench warrants and warrants for the arrest of minors. Police service information will be included in a later release. If there is an active warrant, the wanted status will be displayed on the Search for juvenile Summary screen.


  • CIR – circuit from which the warrant originated.
  • DESC – description of the warrant type. For juveniles, a bench warrant or warrant for arrest of minor are valid.
  • ISSUE DATE – the date the warrant was issued.
  • FC-J NO – the Family Court’s case number for the juvenile.
  • STATUS – the current status of the warrant. Valid values are Active, Canceled, Recalled, Executed, Served and Unserved.
  • END DATE – the end date of the warrant.
  • SRVC DATE – date the warrant was serviced.
  • AGY – the agency that serviced the warrant.