Gun Violence and Violent Crimes Commission

The Gun Violence and Violent Crimes Commission (GVVCC) was enacted by Act 74 regular session 2020 and was codified in Hawaii Revised Statutes § 134C et. seq. The purpose of the GVVCC shall be to address gun violence and violent crimes in Hawaii. The GVVCC shall provide coordination, facilitation, and planning among state and county agencies, federal agencies, and other partners as appropriate to carry out its purpose. The GVVCC shall endeavor to:

1) Identify relevant data that may be used to reduce gun violence and violent crimes
2) Identify areas in which relevant data is not available
3) Maximize the sharing between the agencies represented on the commission and other appropriate stakeholders of data relevant to reducing gun violence and violent crimes
4) Coordinate and conduct research on gun violence and violent crimes

The GVVCC may work with and engage stakeholders for the purposes of this chapter. Commission members serve without compensation.

Commission Members Name Title
Department of the Attorney General Philip D. Higdon Administrator
Judiciary Dr. Erin E. Harbinson Director, Criminal Justice Research Institute
Department of Health – Administration Dr. Daniel J. Galanis Epidemiologist
Department of Health – Hawaii State Hospital Dr. Run F. Heidelberg, DNP Administrator
Public Safety Department – Director for Law Enforcement Jordan Lowe Deputy Director
Prosecuting Attorney Andrew H. Martin Prosecuting Attorney
Public Defender Lee Hayakawa Assistant Public Defender
Honolulu Police Department Rade K. Vanic Interim Chief
Maui Police Department Dean Rickard Acting Chief
Hawaii Police Department Paul K. Ferreira Chief
Kauai Police Department Todd G. Raybuck Chief
University of Hawaii at Manoa – College of Social Sciences Dr. Denise Eby Konan Dean
University of Hawaii at Manoa – John A. Burns School of Medicine Dr. Gerald Busch Assistant Professor
Representative from a group that advocates for stricter gun safety laws Vacant
Representative from a firearm advocacy group Vacant

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Hawaii Revised Statutes §134C-1 §134C-2 §134C-3

The Commission may be contacted at [email protected] or 808-587-3100