Sex Offender and Other Covered Offender Info

Scam Alert:

The Sex Offender Unit, Department of the Attorney General has received several reports from registrants of the sex offender registry that phone calls were received from law enforcement (Sheriff, Police and FBI) requesting personal information, payment in lieu of being arrested or payment for additional DNA testing. The Sex Offender Unit and law enforcement will never call a registrant for personal information and will never threaten arrest or issuance of a warrant unless cash payment is made. If you receive such a call, please document date, time of call, phone number of caller and description of what is being requested. Please call the Investigations Division, Department of the Attorney General at (808) 587-4373 to report the call before you take any action. DO NOT release personal information over the phone. Law enforcement will never ask or take payments unless payment is made directly to the actual law enforcement agency.

Sex Offender Website Link ImageThe Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center maintains a central registry of sex offenders and other covered offenders for the State of Hawaii. Persons who have been convicted of certain sex offenses are required to register. Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 846E-2.